How to find a call

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To investigate issues with a specific call it is very important to provide the needed information to Support. The best way to do this is to provide Support with the H323-Conf-ID attribute or Call-ID (if H323-Conf-ID is not available) for specific call.

1. Begin in the customer/account CDRs:


Click the xDRs button in settings, define the time range and find the call. Open the BE log, and copy H323-Conf-ID from there.

2. Another option (if you know CLD and time frame) is to use the Trace Session tool:

3.  You can also use the SIP Log Viewer. It is the only tool where you can find calls, if they fail and do not leave traces in CDRs. It allows you to specify CLI, CLD, time frame, etc.:

The most common way to use this tool is to place a call (or ask the customer to do it) and find it in the last 5-10 minute calls. This helps you to find failing calls from DID providers (or confirm that they do not reach your node, so they should be checked on the remote side).

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